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Gin rummy was very popular in the 1940's and is currently going through a massive comeback.It is fast becoming one of the most popular card games online. With big money to be won it is attracting new players every day who are learning the art of this fast and challenging game that they probably used to play with their granny!.


Gin rummy is from the family of the rummy group of card games, it has rule variations so make sure you are aware of the rules of the site you are playing on. There are various games from first to "knock" to 50,100 and 200 point match play. Once ended the points are calculated and a winner is declared.


There is also tournament play,which is probably best if you are a beginner as you can play without having to wager much money. It has been known for people to win thousands of dollars from a dollar stake! In tournaments several people play the same game and at the end the scores are totted up and the prize pool shared out to the top players. Tournaments charge a buy in and an entry fee . The buy in is the amount put in the prize pool while the entry fee is kept by the site.The amount to be won is dependent on how many enter.


Progressive tournaments run for a predetermined amount of time where you can enter as many times as you like. Obviously no one at the beginning knows what the prize money will be. Once the time is up the scores are added up and the prize money shared between the top players.


Limited entry tournaments are based on seats available . Once the seats are filled the tournament ends and again the scores added up and prize money shared out.



  • Sort your cards into sets as early as possible.
  • Sort deadwood cards (high cards) that you may need to get rid off early in case your opponent knocks early in the game.
  • Try to memorise what your opponent is collecting to give you an idea what sets he is looking for.
  • Discard any high cards you have by the time the stock pile gets half way down.
  • Work on improving your memory!!